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Here is an interesting fact, ‘the first video to be launched on YouTube was exactly 18-seconds in length.’ YouTube has been around for almost two decades now, and this has helped YouTube gain more knowledge of the market and make improvements. As part of the discovery made by the YouTube developers, the length of video content matters in the engagement of the platform. So, they found out that content does not need to be super long to get the audiences engaged.

Over the years, this led to one of the most innovative developments on YouTube; YouTube Shorts!

Not only did YouTube shorts prove to be as competitive as other rivals, which offer similar services, but it has also kept content creators engaged with the ‘YouTube Shorts Fund.’

You may be reading this article probably because you need a guide on how to download your favorite YouTube Short. Or, maybe you add to your existing knowledge about YouTube shorts download and get practical steps right now; this article will help you.

What is ‘YouTube Shorts?’

YouTube Shorts is a platform where videos of fifteen seconds or less can be created and uploaded by anyone. The interesting thing about this feature is that it lets you record videos with music from the music library of the app, make use of speed control, a countdown to edit your video like a professional, and use a timer.

In a couple of months or weeks, this feature will be updated to have things like customized cameras and many other editing functions.

YouTube Shorts is a great new way to express yourself and build an audience as you do. YouTube gets a total of two billion visitors every month, with viewers in different categories from technology and education to entertainment. This pool of people could give content creators, including you, an advantage to connect and get loyal fans.

Platforms that allow the creation and engagement of short-video formats are now rising in popularity today. There’s also a great deal of competition among these different platforms, and as it stands, it’s almost difficult to predict which will dominate in the coming years.

With the changes YouTube is making to shorts, it is hard to predict what it will look like in the coming years. One thing to note is that you can never be bored with YouTube. It is home to millions of hours of exciting branded content.

Let us examine the fundamentals of YouTube shorts and how to engage them.

What exactly does YouTube Shorts look like?

Today, in more than 100 countries, YouTube Shorts is in beta, and with the ever-evolving changes made regularly, it’s sure to be a phenomenon in the coming years.

How to create YouTube Shorts

All you need is to have the YouTube application installed on your device, and you’re one step ready to create YouTube shorts. Once you open the home screen, you will see this icon, +, on the bottom part of the navigation. When you click on it, you will get to the “Create a short” menu.

Once you click on ‘Create,’ you will see that the interface for creating Shorts is similar to that of creating stories on Instagram. It then goes ahead to flip open a camera screen, allowing you to:

  • Add texts and filters
  • Select, set, and adjust a timer
  • Record a 1-minute video or just segments of a 1-minute clip
  • Fine-tune the video speed.
  • Choose sounds for musical overlays
  • Upload content from your phone’s gallery


What Watching YouTube Shorts Entails

The beta test is YouTube’s current engagement experiment for short-form videos; however, this is not the first time YouTube has tested shorter videos on its platform. Right now, YouTube has taken it a step further by creating a dedicated interface where you can now view Shorts created by anyone. It also allows users to see short-form videos that were always present on the platform.

As you view a YouTube short, you could click on the buttons found on the right bottom of the screen to either “Like” or “Dislike,” and comment on a video. You could also click on subscribe to follow the content creator.

To view more shorts, swipe your finger upwards – just like with TikTok or Instagram Reels – to view a list of other shorts from more creators. You can access the vertical feed on your home screen when you click on the “Shorts” tab.

Amazing facts about YouTube Shorts

We have looked at YouTube Shorts as a concept and how anyone can create catchy videos today using this feature. Over the years, Shorts have focused their growth into three main aspects, which include:

  • Content creation: the action word that drives this side of the platform is ‘Create.’ With its amazing features like a multi-segment camera and the unique allowance to import music into your video recordings, this feature is fat-attracting massive acceptance.
  • Get Discovered: with a good story, brand quality, and consistency, it is easy to leverage YouTube Shorts’ large audience to gain a following and grow your community.
  • Watch: YouTube Shorts not only allows you to view recently seen videos on the homepage with a vertical format; it also allows you to switch to the next video in just one swipe.

Copying the link for YouTube Shorts download

To copy the link of your favorite YouTube Shorts, follow these four steps:

  • Go to your YouTube app
  • Select your choice Short Video
  • At the bottom side, you will see an option to ‘Share,’ click on it
  • You will see a pop-up with a ‘Copy Link’ option. Proceed to copy the link

Download YouTube Shorts with

Using guarantees a fast and free way to download your favorite Shorts in high definition (HD) and with high quality. After downloading your choice video with our platform, you can save them on your device. It is compatible with Laptops, PCs, iOS, and iPad; the videos you download can be seen at any time you wish.

The good news is that this service is ‘free for a lifetime;’ there are no charges whatsoever. We also do not use YouTube API, which means that you’re going to have access to this platform whether you choose to create an account or not. You also get to use this YT shorts downloader for unlimited amounts of shorts.

Before downloading your choice video on this platform, you will need to get the link to the Shorts and then paste it on the search bar provided. automatically gets the video and provides a download link for you.

Features of you need to know.

Here are some facts about our platform you need to know about:

  • You get to download videos in high quality, and this is not so common with many other platforms.
  • You do not need to install any software; it is simple to use.
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  • With zero charges attached, you can get the best videos for free
  • No need to create an account, log in, or sign up.

How to download YouTube Shorts

To download your favorite YouTube shorts with, here are a few easy steps you need to follow:

  • Copy the link as we have earlier described
  • Paste it on the homepage, in the video input box
  • After the website synchronizes the video, it will give you a download button
  • Click on the download button
  • A new screen then opens up, where you will see three dots; go ahead to click on these dots and click on download.
  • When the processing is complete, your browser will assure you that the video will be saved from the site.
  • When you search your gallery, you will find the newly-downloaded video there.



Here, we tried to answer all the frequently asked questions regarding the subject of YouTube reel download and how to download YouTube Shorts in HD.

Are there download limits for YouTube Short Videos?

With, there are no limits to how many videos you can download offline. We are always glad to give you our free and unlimited services and provide you with the easiest way to get your favorite videos.

Do you need to install any application to watch YouTube Shorts?

You do not need to have another app saved on your device to enable you to watch YouTube Shorts online. All you need to do is install the YouTube app and proceed to the vertical box section and view any video of your choice.

Where will I see the YouTube Shorts Video option?

Today, YouTube shorts is still in beta; however, with daily improvements made to the app, you will find new features in a few weeks or months. Right now, you can still gain access to these short videos with just one click on the YouTube app.

How to download YouTube shorts in HD

For any short video to be of high quality, it is largely not dependent on YouTube, but rather the uploader’s device. So, if the YouTube shorts was uploaded in high quality when crawls the video, it will save to your device in HD.



Is downloading YouTube Shorts legal?

Before proceeding with a YouTube reel download, make sure to read the YouTube guidelines concerning the video download. The reason is that not all videos should be downloaded, and having good knowledge of this would help you stay out of trouble especially as a content creator. does not have any rights to any image or videos, and all credit goes to YouTube and its content creators.

Can you convert YouTube Shorts to Mp4?

Yes! helps you download your favorite YouTube videos in mp4 format. All you need to do is follow the steps highlighted in the article and save the video to your gallery.

Can you convert YouTube shorts to Mp3?

Yes, you can! Many other applications help you save shorts in audio formats only. After you copy the link to the video, the next thing to do is paste it on the input box provided and get the download link. After doing this, proceed to save the audio version of this video to your device.

One advantage that saving YT shorts as audio confers, is that it reduces the file size, as videos are generally much larger than their audio counterparts. A disadvantage is that you may not be able to interact with the motions and pictures of the speakers or actors in the video. It simply boils down to what your expectations are, for downloading these videos.

Where do the video files get saved after I download YouTube Shorts?

After a successful download in whichever format you desire, the file saves to your phone gallery automatically. You can confirm this by checking through your video files to see if the action was indeed a success.

Can I rename the videos?

Yes, you can! Sometimes, depending on your browser, most videos saved from YouTube may come in computer-generated names that may be unrelatable. For this, you can simply go to your settings or click on the video and rename it to something you can flow with. However, if you intend to use the content for any purpose, will not be liable. It is always best to read the guidelines provided by YouTube to tread these waters.

Does always work?

Yes, it always does. Every day, improvements are being made to the site to ensure the longevity and safety of the video download process. So, you need not worry about malware or hackers, viruses, or unwanted notifications that may fry up your device.

Can I shoot or upload my own YouTube Shorts?

It’s easy to create your videos. All you need is to proceed to the YouTube app, check out for the ‘+’ sign, and then select the ’create shorts’ option. When the new interface opens up, then start by hitting the record button and then shoot your video. Also, try to use the speed control, music library, and timer features.